Montreal - Replaced

  • Wednesday, 30th June, 2021
  • 11:56am

The server not enjoying itself yesterday was ultimatley laid to rest, We were given false hope by the technician for a while but soon realised that it had gone to a better place! There is a new server to replace that one - Which may require a force close or reboot of your apps to see it!  Apologies for any inconvience caused, Even I was sucked into the drama of believing we could rescue it - Alas it was not meant to be!

Now we're closing in on our goal for USA and europe coverage, I think CA is the next place we look at (While increasing the servers in exisiting locations of course) alhough I'm pretty sure most DC's in Canada run along that borderline - So may be a quick one! Asia, S.America and Africa are to follow in accordence with our userbase! 

Let us know in a ticket if theres a particular place you want, We're always open to suggestion! :)

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