Requesting a location!

  • Sunday, 1st August, 2021
  • 11:37am

When we pick and choose our locations, We do so due to demand! If a location remains unused we remove it to offer more servers in a location! 

Obviously this is not an exact science - But we try to best serve our users without wasting money on unused servers! Besides that, having a server with one user sounds great but is not the most secure! The idea being that traffic is encrypted and further obfuscated due to many users! If we get enough requests we will add locations to the service! But we do need to know, So if there is somewhere you'd like to see let us know! 

I know this has been said before, But is mainly for the benefit of our new users! I will add a page to show where has been requested next week and update this announcement! 

We will always give the caveat of putting our core principals above pleasing one user, But we're always happy to add a location we think adds value to the service! 

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