• Monday, 2nd August, 2021
  • 10:51am

Good morning folks, It's been a busy few weeks for the TekLan Team! In what is a more relaxed period typically each year - We've been extremely busy! Safe to say we don't mind but it certainly took us by surprise! :)

So, We're steadily trying to work through what we had planned! Which includes the iOS app, More documentation and general improvements! We're nearing completion of the iOS app and have gotten most documentation written up as drafts! We've been testing the iOS app internally for the past week or so and it's certainly enjoyable to see! We'll have that in the Appstore ASAP! We'll email when that goes on and post to social media etc! Once the iOS app is done, We'll be doing a round of improvements to existing apps and then starting work on Linux or Mac apps - Alongside continuing with documentation and more general guides, it's something we've been asked for quite a few times! So we have been writing them up for the knowledgebase and are still drafts at this moment but we'll proof read and publish them soon - We'll also be doing more blog posts about less direct things - Like device help, Technical tips all things our customers may need at some point but not directly to do with our service! That being said - If there is something you'd like to see a guide on, feel feel to ask in a ticket and we'll add it to our list! :)

So for our existing customers - We're offering 10% off of annual plans or 15% off of 3 year plans! Use code TEKLAN1YEAR OR TEKLAN3YEAR to redeem it at checkout! *A few left over and can be used by new customers*

Outside of TekLan VPN, we've been improving our offerings over @ TekLanhosting.co.uk! We're just putting the finishing touches to it and we should have that finished next week! We've just a couple of bits of automation to finish alongside adding more detail to the home page! It's made me realise just how far we've come doing that site! Adding all our products was a huge task! We also run a couple of other services as you may well be aware! But our aims are to get on top of the bits here and then we have a huge announcement about the next service to be part of TekLan! We'll be hiring a couple more staff before that launches to really help improve our turnaround times on each job! Our long term aims are limited by time, which is something I want to try to balance without losing the personal touch!

As we enter into what is always the busiest time of year for us, I wanted to take a moment to thank our customers for getting us here! We certainly wouldn't be here without you guys and it is always at the forefront of our minds! We have been looking at ways we can improve our service and our road map is looking great! Hope you all enjoy the weekend and I can't wait to share what the future holds for TekLan! 


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