Monday - We plan to make some changes

  • Friday, 13th August, 2021
  • 13:17pm

After our little wobble yesterday - We had a little think about things! Although only 8 reports were received about that issue, that's 8 too many for us! We have decided to move our timeline of improvements up! These were planned as an eventual way to improve things anyway but we feel prevention is better than cure and I think most would agree our usual standards are high! 

So, What we've done so far: 

Separated some assets into a separate server from the web server 

Prepared for Sunday/Monday changes


Monday - Around Midnight Sun/Mon UK time we're going to push some changes for the dns to prevent what happened yesterday - We'll then assess how that runs for a short period before we hop into the next phase! 


How will this affect performance? Should be minimal if noticeable at all! However, Some regions may see a little downtime but we don't expect this to occur!

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