Issue from last weekend, Marked as closed!

  • Thursday, 19th August, 2021
  • 16:03pm

It's been a few days without issue so we're happy to close that! If you're affected with the "Invalid" error code, A simple re-installation will sort it! 

We do apologise for the interruption - It was somewhat unexpected! We've implemented some failsafes to stop it occuring again! If you have a device doing it still, it'll just be cached content! Clear the cache of the app or re-install and you'll be good to go! 

Whilst monitoring this issue and dealing with support, We've made a few visual changes to the site that we've put off for a while:

  • Made our other TekLanVPN domains point to the main site 
  • Corrected Language flag(s)
  • Standardised some of the page layouts
  • Improved flow of the site and cleared some unsightly bits! 

There are still changes to be made, But these were just small bit's we could do whilst awaiting more data to investigate without commiting to big jobs that pull focus away!

In terms of other changes, these won't be noticeable but we've offloaded most storage from the web server and made some SEO changes - again you may not spot those changes but they should improve overall performance! 

The next steps we want to take are:

  • To setup clusters for each set of web/database/authentication servers to remove single points of failure for each part! 
  • Emails! We run our own email servers, But still pay for a 3rd party just due to time in swapping over! 
  • Finish the visual/flow of the site
  • Build a ovpn file generator for the client area

One other thing we're looking to do is offer more language options to make the site accessible to more people! Currently, only core functions are translated! If any of our users speak a second language and wouldn't mind checking some language files when we've done them let us know what languages you can help with in a ticket! Online translator tools, Or people purporting to speak second languages who use the same tools - don't always grasp the conversational, personal touch we aspire to! :) 

We'll get back to work after this little diatribe! We absolutely appreciate the patience shown! 

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