Free stuff and new products!

  • Friday, 3rd September, 2021
  • 14:39pm

We've recently added some new products,  private VPN servers!

Currently, only small personal servers for household use! But we can do bigger servers on request!

These are totally separate to the TekLan VPN infrastructure, you get your own dedicate IP Address - This is essentially a manged server - We setup your VPN server and send your configuration file over! 

We get asked about dedicated IP multiple times per day, So we thought we may aswell offer them for a period of time and see if they do get the attention they deserve! If you buy one, we will continue to support them for you even if we stop the product! So, onto the good stuff:

Loads of locations have a gander on the order form to see them - Please ask for a custom quote if you need somewhere else! (Price may vary)

Choice of protocol - OpenVPN or Wireguard  

Unmetered bandwidth.... I know... we're lovely aren't we? 

Not so good bits:
Can't currently be used with the TekLan VPN apps - But we'll help you setup after purchase
Not automated setup - We MAY automate, if they're a popular choice! 
No root access..... sorry but it's not happening :) 

Prices start at £4.99 per month, with a one off £2.50 setup on monthly plans! (Free setup on 3 month or longer plans)

Tonight, In our discord group - We'll be doing a giveaway for a free month for the basic plan (Or equivalent amount of credit towards a higher spec plan)  Join in the fun here 
We'll use these plans as a means to create some knowledgebase articles while we help you setup! 

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