XMAS Support times!

  • Friday, 17th December, 2021
  • 12:57pm

As the festivities approach, I thought I'd post to let people know the plan for support times! 

This stands for all our services as the support staff overlap! So, the only two changes to December are:

25th & 26th of December where there's only myself working, I shall be popping in during multiple points in the day but setting extra health checks to run and alert me to issues! 

We'll be catching up on the 27th and back in full force until the 1st of Jan where i'll treat myself to a day off (Or I'll at least resist the urge to do things) but there will be support staff working! 

We hope everyone has a good time, Regardless of if you celebrate the day or not - An excuse to spend your time with family should always be taken! The only changes could be illness or an issue which forces me to work - Otherwise we'll be sticking to this plan!

Merry Christmas to all our Customers!


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