Deals Galore!

  • Wednesday, 26th January, 2022
  • 19:32pm

To celebrate.... erm..... something! We have some limited time deals! Usually we stick to the major holidays but these are limited in number! 



3YEARSTEKLAN - 10% off of any 3 year plan! 

FREESETUP - no setup fee on private servers! (Brand new deal, never been offered before) 

Both codes are 5 uses each ONLY!

10HOST- 10% off hosting 

VPS10 - 10% off servers 

Both codes are live for 7 days or until 20 uses

10SHORT - 10% off of any plan 

Code is live for 7 days or until 35 uses


My wit and humour 

No code necessary, it comes free with every purchase! 


We'll be launching a couple of new services soon - monitoring & cloud storage - one possibly next week!

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