We want location feedback- Plus a few bits of info!

  • Sunday, 20th February, 2022
  • 20:50pm

We want to add more locations to  TekLan VPN! I know, crazy! To preface this request for help from our users we refuse to do virtual locations as many do to pretend they have servers in countries without any sembalence of a datacentre in sight! If you ask for North Korea because another service has it we shall politely decline that request! 

So - 

Canada - Is next on our hitlist to add more options to and have a user waiting to do some testing!

We have an extensive (I'm told one of the most extensive) UK locations choices - So that's subject to usual upgrade/improve cycles and not a main focus

So our other top requests are: 

Ireland  - We have Dublin, sadly No matter where we look we don't get anywhere that meets our requirements, although we're always looking to change that!

Russia - We have some servers ready to deploy after Canada! 

Middle East - Infranstructure is a key factor here, We can certainly consider anywhere if it meets our physical requirements

African nations - We'd absolutely love to build a bigger presence here and we're working on a couple of locations 

South America - Cost/Speeds are a factor but again something we're trying to negotiate currently! 

What we're asking from you guys, Is more feedback to help build the service YOU want - You guys pay the bills, we just allocate money and hope it's the right decision! If anyone is interested in offering feedback you can do so via ticket or in the discord group! 

ithin the next few weeks we're going to be discussing some upcoming improvements, Our long term goals and be giving away some cool prizes! 

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