We do read the news!

  • Thursday, 24th February, 2022
  • 12:33pm

We appreciate the concern shown due to ongoing conflict around the world- whilst we're happy to have a discussion regarding it the amount of tickets opened this morning became a full time job within itself to answer them all! :) 

It's lovely to see concern and passion for others from our users - I'd like to make one thing clear, since our inception (Even before we were TekLan) we've always had a seperate platform available free to people who need to share information that is risky to themselves or their families - that's completely agnostic to views/religion/location and is done in concert with 5 other VPN companies and 7 volunteers, it largely remains secret and is offered to journalists and humanitarian groups- even we don't know who uses it we simply grant access based upon the recommendation from trusted sources and we continue to fund and maintain it. 

We actually spend time monitoring most world events- further tickets will be referred here to this announcement  because we're simply struggling to keep up with you guys expressing concern! Please don't feel its a dismissal - it's something that's weighing heavy on our minds at the moment and we need to consider what's best for everyone involved! 

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