TekLan VPN - May discounts for your friends and family and some service updates for next week!

  • Sunday, 1st May, 2022
  • 10:16am

We've brought the code `TEKLANBUDDY` back to life! With this your friends and family can get a discount of 10% off of any VPN plan! We're not a fan of continuous discount programs so our low pricing is usually the price point at which you can buy it without shopping around the hassle of seeking out the best deal! It also saves us a lot of time to have straight forward pricing!

Next week, We're upgrading many of the US servers to bring you an overall better service! We've some more servers to add as well! We've just finished testing a new setup which will be used from July onwards which shaves a little overhead off of the initial setup and seems to perform slightly better! We've also removed 3rd party analytics from our website and now use our own privacy focused setup on our websites with the data store on servers we control. This means even less data is used to obtain the website metrics we need to make decisions about our future! We only collect information relevant to our use case such as the referring site, Browser and OS used and a location/language! We don't collect any personal information about visitors to the site and have updated the privacy policy to show this. The other added bonus is we now no longer use a 3rd party to provide that data to us nor do we allow huge companies access to that data in exchange!

This is part of our plans going forward, To eliminate our reliance on 3rd parties in the normal operation of all MrChrissy/TekLan services and ultimately control the data you choose to entrust us with! We have already taken many steps towards this with multiple aspects of our services and will continue to do so!

Enjoy the bank holiday folks!

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