What are the benefits of using a VPN?

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What are the benefits of using a VPN?The internet is filled with lots of information, work opportunities and places where you can find the things you want, share ideas and interests. But there are also dangers, Learning how to protect yourself...


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Over at Shortme.xyz, we offer a highly intuituive URL shortener with vast analitic features at a fraction of the costs of the mainstream competition! Starting at the very reasonable price of FREE and moving up dependant upon your package needs you...

Android apk - initial version

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So, the day arrives - our first release of the new app! We do ask for feedback to help shape how it evolves over time! But it is optional :) To download use google play / Amazon search feature And then login with your website...

The new apps, are currently being made!

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The order will be - Android                                                             -...

Browser extensions

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We aim to make some in depth guides about the Browser extensions over time!    Is there something you want to see in our glorious browser extensions? Well make a post on Feature request - that way we can publicly yay or nay you...


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In here, we'll make some nice guides and useful reading to hopefully help encourage best practices to stay safe! This will be more of a hobby once the new system is running!


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In this section, we'll create nice guides for all aspects of the site/apps etc once we're fully operational! 

Cloud Storage is now part of mrchrissyhosting.co.uk!

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We have moved our cloud storage to mrchrissyhosting.co.uk! We will also be offering cloud storage on teklanvpn.com soon!


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Our web and server hosting company, We offer Cpanel hosting VPS and dedicated servers! We can usually aquire a specific location if asked - In the next 12 months we hope to expand the range offered in terms of hosting your project. While we have...