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In this guide we will run through how to setup the TekLanVPN Android app with your TekLanVPN service.

Step 1 - Open up the Google Play Store and search for TekLan VPN or click this link / You can also directly download the APK to sideload on other devices here: Direct Download  


Step 2 - Log in to the TekLanVPN app using your email address and the password you set when registering for the site!


Within the app you can see within the settings section (top right) Or the server list (Top left) Once you've chosen a server, simply connect and enjoy! 


Is there something you want to see in our glorious apps? Well make a post on Feature request - that way we can publicly yay or nay you and it's visible to everyone! You can also vote on what you want to be included there - I.e if one of the many, Many Mr Smiths who use our service post that they want a gallery of cat memes included.... you could upvote/downvote that request alongside many others! 

If/when we have more news on the requst - we'll post for all to see! 


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