Windows app

Here we will guide you through installing and using the TekLan VPN Windows App. 

1) Download the installer from your client area - Go to your service and click the menu item "apps" then select the required download! 

2) Locate the downloaded file and RUN. The installer will warn you about installing from untrusted sources however you can accept this and continue. We will be getting a code signing certificate in future releases which will stop this warning showing, however for now it's the first release and eventually we'll add to stores etc!


3) Open the TekLan VPN Windows app and login with your username and password (which are your email address and password that you set on signup to the site)


4) Connect to a server of preference! :)


Some people have mentioned the server location - if it's looking a bit out of whack... simply sort by ping and it'll rate them by ping times for you! 


Is there something you want to see in our glorious apps? Well make a post on Feature request - that way we can publicly yay or nay you and it's visible to everyone! You can also vote on what you want to be included there - I.e if one of the many, Many Mr Smiths who use our service post that they want a gallery of cat memes included.... you could upvote/downvote that request alongside many others! 

If/when we have more news on the requst - we'll post for all to see! 

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