All migrated from MrChrissyVPN!

Right, All MrChrissyVPN is transferred! 


Next up -  (Please don't ask for dates - I will tell everyone when ready!) 

iOS - Hopefully be ready for submission in 2 weeks to appstore then it depends upon apple! 

Improvements to android 

Improvements to windows




Then we'll focus on new features and build out our offerings! TekLan VPN is getting the full VPN attention now MrChrissyVPN is no more  There will be multiple added value features eventually (All opt-in of course and most included as part of the price - Some additional things will be separate but still offer good value for money and will not be a VPN but will tie into the security, privacy and freedom aspect of our ideology) Nothing spammy, all things I think will add value to your experience and there will be no pressure to buy them if you just want a vpn! As always, Much appreciated and apologies for any inconvienience caused! This is all in the pursuit of improving long term and increasing the value we can offer you as a customer! 

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