Why we do not offer trials!

We deal with a lot of trial requests - Unfortunately a long time ago, before we even became TekLan VPN we decided trials were not for us as a service! There's a few reasons why we don't offer them:

Our pricing, is affordable because we don't offer trials! We don't have to make our members pay the overheads for free users! 

We know exactly how many servers are needed at any time for our users! We don't have to accommodate for a sudden rush of users potentially having a trial and then leaving until next time! 

Our users at the time of the decision overwhelmingly agreed it was a better model - They didn't want to incur the higher cost or tolerate slow downs at peak times when people are trial surfing! 

Effectively our decision remained that way - We also have no plans to change that! 


For £2.50 - You can sign up for a month with 5 connections! That's a much better time to see if the service suits your needs and you get access to the same support, same benefits as everyone else! To us, that seems like a reasonable fee to try a service! Many of those who do opt to join longer term and a few come back and forth when needed! We're a small company, We're not looking to get millions of peoples emails to send you notifications about re-joining! Nor do we wish to become a service that does that! We offer cheap, basic pricing structures with a choice of connections that we find suits 99.9% of people! 


So don't be offended about rejection - It's for our users and not personal :) 

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