You do not need super powers to become invisible with our VPN

When using TekLan VPN, You can keep your internet traffic private! No matter how many people tell you the age-old trope "If you have nothing to hide...." you absolutely have a right to privacy! If you want to test their real thoughts on private communication - ask if you can read their texts or emails and watch them recoil in horror! It's a common misconception, A VPN is simply a tool to do a job - That job happens to be your security! 

You don't need to commit a crime, or be doing something untoward to want your basic privacy rights respected! Simply connect to one of our VPN servers and encrypt your data! This stops your ISP or any entities who want to spy on your internet usage! We believe everyone has a right to avoid being monitored! This doesn't just apply to governments, this can be companies wanting to use your data for marketing or even criminals looking to steal your data. The same reason we lock our doors, is the same reason you should secure your internet activity - Nobody wants that to be publicly accessible part of our lives! 

People have different reasons for using a VPN - 

Avoiding censorship 

Avoiding malicious actors

Prevent or obfuscate tracking

Or simply to avoid becoming a product for advertising companies! 

Reclaim your internet safety today - Get  TekLan VPN!

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