VPN use and how it can help you!

In an age where internet censorship and tracking is rife, Your every digital movement is monitored, logged and used as a commodity it's important to understand what this means and whether you want to take the control back. We're obviously bias as a VPN service, but we'll try to explain our point of view as individuals as well as balancing the pro's and con's of adding an anonymising VPN into your online tool belt!


Tracking is not inherently bad, We're probably the first VPN in the world to admit that - Some sites track you to maintain a logged in status, keep things in your cart and to better understand the customer habits and improve themselves! We do it, along with just about every website in the world - Including the companies trying to sell you their services for privacy. We don't like to sensationalise or wade into conspiracy waters to sell something to you - Instead let's explain where we feel it crosses a line. 


The extreme cases include government usually with the help of ISP's implementing extreme censorship on their people. This is by far the worst, a differing opinion or wrongthink should not be the cause for fear of prosecution by a state but alas spying on internet activity by some countries is part of their day to day operation looking for potential for dissent or education they deem unbecoming - Usually they partner this with the banning of using VPN as it helps our users avoid the controlling eye of the party.


There are smaller cases of what we deem to be counterintuitive to what the internet was built for - Exchanging of information! A country deciding what a person can and cannot look at online is just strange to us - We have always adopted a "If you don't like, Don't look" approach to views we don't like and would expect grown adults to manage the same things! However in both of these cases, you can use a VPN to maintain an open and free to access internet not dictated by your ISP or country leaders. 


Beyond that, you may just wish to not have your data collected and sold on - To us that's perfectly within your rights! Despite a company dicating it can do so in its policy on privacy we believe TekLan VPN can help you muddy the water in their data collection and give back the power to the person using it! You have every right to your data, The right to decide who controls it and can trade it creating a secure web tunnel with a VPN is a way to do that 


And then there's the last group of users - Probably most similar to us, in that we roll our eyes and shake our head when we hear the term "If you have nothing to hide....." routine regurgitated to us when discussing the topic with friends. We're actually disheartened that we need to use VPN services if we're telling the truth, The mere fact that you need to use a tool to protect something that should be a right to every person on the earth is a shame! We shouldn't actually need to use a VPN to take steps to become anonymous when simply browsing the web but alas, It's why we're here and why we gain popularity continuously despite not paying to rank higher on every affiliate article or paying for reviews! We aim to just provide our service and spread via word of mouth, Help good causes and improve the small things we can effect for people!

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