A good cause!

One of the clients we host for free as part of our free hosting for charities/community groups/good causes over at TekLanHosting.co.uk, M.E. Support Norfolk are having a GoFundMe to help with running costs. One of the people who organise the cause is a good customer of ours and a great bloke who dedicates his time, despite his personal struggles with his illness to help others! Anyone who can spare a little something, would make a huge difference in peoples lives! 


We try to avoid promoting anything outside of our services, But when we saw this we made the exception! Nothing is too little as every £1 counts for small, underfunded community groups like this. They are the reason we offer free hosting to them! We've seen the real difference they make to peoples well-being and mental health and hear positive things regularly from them! I'm 100% confident it will make a difference in peoples lives! The GoFundMe is available at - https://gofund.me/e80f6385 Even if you just donate the cost of a coffee, it will make a difference! 

at 09/18/21 - 13:12pm

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