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VPN use and how it can help you!

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In an age where internet censorship and tracking is rife, Your every digital movement is monitored, logged and used as a commodity it's important to understand what this means and whether you want to take the control back. We're obviously...

You do not need super powers to become invisible with our VPN

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When using TekLan VPN, You can keep your internet traffic private! No matter how many people tell you the age-old trope "If you have nothing to hide...." you absolutely have a right to privacy! If you want to test their real thoughts on private...

Why we do not offer trials!

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We deal with a lot of trial requests - Unfortunately a long time ago, before we even became TekLan VPN we decided trials were not for us as a service! There's a few reasons why we don't offer them: Our pricing, is affordable because we...

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

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What are the benefits of using a VPN?The internet is filled with lots of information, work opportunities and places where you can find the things you want, share ideas and interests. But there are also dangers, Learning how to protect yourself...

Apps and where to find them!

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We often get asked where to get our apps - So here's a quick run down!For Google - search "TekLan VPN" to find us in the Playstore! For Amazon - Search "TekLan VPN" to find us in the amazon appstore!    Windows, Look in your...

All migrated from MrChrissyVPN!

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Right, All MrChrissyVPN is transferred!    Next up -  (Please don't ask for dates - I will tell everyone when ready!)  iOS - Hopefully be ready for submission in 2 weeks to appstore then it depends upon...