We're a Company called MrChrissyServices LTD - Based in Manchester.

We're privately owned and operated, i.e Nobody influencing our decisions - so when we say, your data is managed and controlled by MrChrissyServices, we can say with honesty that it remains within the small team you encounter as a Customer and it will stay that way - TekLan VPN is a brand run under that company, alongside our webhosting, vps hosting, Cloud storage, URL Shortening and many more to come! We never sell your data outside of the service you sign up to however! We will occasionally send an email - from the service you signed up to, to let you know about new services/products/deals - but the database of customers remains on the same service. Something we as a business feel is important, in an age where the asset is the customer - we've removed that thought process from our business model and offer good old fashioned fair price, for fair service!

We have had many a sleepless night, trying to ensure we follow a strict ethical code imposed upon ourselves and also keep the lights on so to speak! The once small service exploded in numbers and we feel our approach really resonates with people in a world full of ridiculous T&Cs, misleading advertising and complicated company structures - we set out to be what we felt was missing across web services! We don't have hidden costs, we have few rules Most legal requirements to be in the app stores of google, amazon etc, the rest being anything that puts you or us at risk.

When starting this, we envisioned a small group of users whom could benefit from direct contact and support from the owner and many things have changed based upon a small conversation in real time! We've grown a little too big for that anymore to be honest, so now we regularly hold votes from users to make a decision. Should we continue on this trajectory we hope to hire someone solely for consumer engagement to manage opinions, feedback and continue to forge forward with what users want..... not what makes us the most money!

MrChrissyServices LTD




Last Update: 04/24/2022 - 13:00pm