Whilst we do have Phone and email address listed, These are NOT the best method of contact and we will most likely ask you to open a ticket, on the site! This is not because we don't want to talk to you, This is so the support agent can ensure they have the right details and help you the quickest way possible! When a ticket is submitted, all staff see it and someone will "claim it" and start to help you! Sadly, Our phone support is limited to one person at the moment and we're often busy running so many services! We do hope to expand that aspect soon! 

We have an average response time of 7 mins across all services over the last 12 months via support tickets! Which is truly remarkable! Email does lack significantly behind at just over 3 hours! And via phone is IF nobody is on the phone at the time between 9AM - 5PM 

We like to be honest about times, even with the ones we feel sub-standard! And if they times change I will update it :) But at some point we will look into hiring a dedicated member of staff for phone/email support! 

Last Update: 03/30/2022 - 13:50pm