Android Version 2.0.0 is now in beta!

For those not on our group chat, We have a new version of the Android app - This includes many cosmetic changes and new features and so we've leapt forward to 2.0. These are features that have been requested by you guys since the 1.7.1 release! A few didn't make the cut but there's always v2.1 to look forward to :)Split Tunneling - This has now ... Read More

March 26, 2022
Tell a Buddy, Save them some money!

The Promocode TEKLANBUDDY is active again, for those of you who have friends wanting to give us a whirl - 10% off with that code!  It was wildly popular last time, So we'll put a 1 week limit on to avoid flooding the service with new users at once!

We have a lot of new servers to add shortly after a few jobs are completed!

March 16, 2022