Temporary severs are shutting down today!

As the email sent out a week or so ago detailed, With the issue resolved we want to get those servers back on the main setup! These are being wiped and reinstalled today!

Guides are available on the site for setting up access as per usual -  We thank everyone for their patience!

May 17, 2023
2.1.0 Available on the Amazon Appstore

The latest version is now available from the Amazon Appstore as its been approved - side loading is no longer required 


This is all current Apps now in Appstores 

May 8, 2023
Android 2.1.0

Has been rolled out in the Playstore after approval - Only Amazon Appstore review remains! As soon as it is approved we shall let people now via email!

May 7, 2023
Email on it's way regarding app releases!

An email is on the way, All great news! Couple of little caveats but nothing major! We'll finish installing the servers today and then begin any work that needs doing at our end! All apps are now published - Android - In review at Playstore or available from the setup page of our siteFireOS - In review at Appstore or available from the setup page ... Read More

May 6, 2023
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