Welcome to TekLan VPN

TekLan VPN. The first choice in customer-centric services! Priced fairly, always looking to improve!

All servers are operated by ourselves - We're privately owned and not a reseller of another service. In today's world, you can't afford to not protect your online activities! We make that simple to do without costing a fortune!

About Us

A fast growing and independent Virtual Private Network company based in the UK. Our philosophy has always been to bring the personal approach when you need us whilst consistently trying to evaluate how to improve.

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We pride ourselves on being affordable whilst offering great support! One thing that always frustrated us was picking between the two! We keep control of each aspect of our service, From the servers to the support and actively look at ways we can improve. We focus on our members and not advertising gimmicks.

Most of our changes have been from the conversations with our clients which is a way of conducting ourselves, we feel strongly about and will always continue. If you have any feedback then please let us know - We're always open to constructive feedback or requests and we'll always be willing to have a discussion about your suggestion!

Our goals.

Our philosophy has always been to be an affordable service, Without compromising on the quality you receive! Everything we do is planned around maximising the value our service offers to clients! Our VPN service has grown year on year through recommendations and word of mouth which we feel is a great indicator of how we're doing!


Our support is second to none, Real humans, accessible whenever you need us! We don't forget about you once you've paid us! We also create guides to help users who prefer to self service. We don't outsource our support to the lowest bidder either! It's all done in-house by our employees!


Our pricing is easy to understand - We don't offer year round discounts on high priced subscriptions! You won't get a shock at renewal! We also offer different types of plans to suit everyone!

A small independent company from the UK - No investors or shareholders to please, Just our clients!


Our small but efficient team is able to make decisions quickly without consulting others - We hire the people with the right skills and personality to get the job done!


Our team work for us, We don't use 3rd party support services that copy and paste answers for 30 different clients all day! We've always enjoyed the "Conversational" approach to our support and it's gotten a lot of great feedback!


When you contact our support - We aim to be friendly, professional and to solve your issue in the shortest possible time!

Obviously your privacy is paramount - By signing up with TekLan VPN you're joining a company that's passionate about your privacy and experience and is more than happy to have a conversation with you when needed!

We care about privacy.

TekLan VPN is built upon the expectation of privacy. We've always maintained it to be a fundamental human right, No matter where you are in the world you should have a right to expect privacy.


We don't keep logs, We don't sell your data and we have no outside influence on our decisions! All VPN usage is private here, We don't monitor anything to give to 3rd parties!

Have questions about our policies?

Feel free to reach out to us - We're happy to answer any questions you want to ask!

Our Pricing

We don't do sky high prices with big initial discounts like most VPN companies! We price affordably, from the off and you won't get a big shock at renewal!

5 Connections

£2.99 / month

  • 1 Month - £2.99
  • 3 Months - £6.99
  • 6 Months - £13.99
  • 12 Months - £24.99
  • 36 Months - £59.99

20 Connections

£8.00 / month

  • 1 Month - £8.00
  • 3 Months - £20.00
  • 6 Months - £39.00
  • 12 Months - £75.00
  • 36 Months - £190.00

Frequently Asked Questions

These may change over time - If you have suggestions for this list, please feel free to reach out!

Most! We're on the Google Playstore, Amazon Appstore, Apple Store and Google Chrome, Microsoft and Firefox market places. Otherwise, we have detailed guides available for each device on the Setup Guides

Absolutely not, We control all of our servers! Each one is unique to our service!

We simply do business differently to most VPN companies! We don't spend a fortune on advertising and rely upon word of mouth - Which has gotten us this far! This enables us to keep our pricing low!

Yes absolutely! See our Private VPN Page! We include full setup and management in the price!

You can certainly ask if we don't have it! We don't do virtual locations so our hardware is located where we say it is! This means we don't pretend we have servers in the North Pole just to tick a box! We regularly assess our requests list, when looking at new locations!