Manchester maintainence window

Saturday, there is a brief window of server maintenance in Manchester! 

  • 10:30-12:30 Saturday, June 19, 2021, in GMT

This is at the datacenter level and not through us! Please don't report issues during this time - we'll be monitoring them and assessing the situation! 


June 18, 2021
Amazon store version not working correctly

Updated app and guide available whilst we get the update pushed to store, Not sure if a amazon update broke it - but it seems to be playing up! Have no fear, we've sorted a new one and will have it in stores in no time at all! 


See - for more information! 

June 6, 2021
All migrated!

Right, All MrChrissyVPN is transferred!    Next up -  (Please don't ask for dates - I will tell everyone when ready!)  iOS - Hopefully be ready for submission in 2 weeks to appstore then it depends upon apple!  Improvements to android  Improvements to windows Linux MacOS    Then we'll focus on new features and build out our ... Read More

June 5, 2021
If you've been migrated from MrChrissyVPN - Please read!

As part of the improvements made, We've increase the security requirements, This unfortunately means we have set you a random password upon account creation! All you need to do is order a password reset link on the "forgot password" section - Normal sign ups are of course unaffected and set their own! 

June 1, 2021