Easter weekend support times!

We're still working but reduced staff availability! Between now and Tuesday it will be ticket only support! Social media/emails etc will be caught up on, on Tuesday! I don't envisage huge waiting times for tickets, but it may drop below our average time for a few days! This is not due to the holiday - just some extenuating circumstances :) If ... Read More

April 2, 2021
Who we are!

We're the people behind MrChrissyVPN, This is the new system that's currently being built! If moving over, register and submit a ticket and we can get your previous purchase added! As we progress,  we hope to soon be in a position to replace the old system! We rely heavily on feedback during the early stages, feel free to drop a ticket in! We do ... Read More

March 11, 2021
If you have signed up from our other service, Make an account using same email and we'll add existing time!

All that's needed is a ticket then and we'll add the time on! 

March 8, 2021
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