Live chat is misbehaving!

  • 6th November 2021

Apologies if we missed your message over the last couple of hours! 


You can of course get in touch in all the other usual ways! 

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4 new locations to test as of tomorrow!

  • 3rd November 2021

Barcelona and Malaysia have been added - With Turkey and Brazil coming tomorrow! 

Pop a ticket in if you have feedback, We only keep servers our users like :)

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Discount code for your friends/family!

  • 31st October 2021
We all like a little something extra - Well today we have a little offer for our userbase (well, your friends and family at least!) Using code TEKLANBUDDY they can save 10% off and you get to look cool! We've grown to our current level without significant advertising, without paying for almost every vpn "information" site to promote us -  ...
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Crypto currencies accepted at TekLan/MrChrissy services

  • 26th October 2021
We often get asked which crypto coins we accept - As a general rule, it's the list below! By selecting the crypto option at payment however you can see the most up to do date version of the  list of coins accepted here :)      Bitcoin -  BTC   Bitcoin (Lightning Network) -  BTC.LN   Bitcoin Cash -  BCH   Litecoin ...
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