Chrome Extension relisted!

Self explanatory - I won't bore people with the details, However it is back in the chrome webstore!

מרץ 27, 2023
Issue with the chrome extension listing!

A few weeks back, We were asked to update some info in the Chrome web store! We did, Same day infact! However Google in it's infinite wisdom has still removed our extension! I have double checked all the data was and still is correct, and submitted for review! I can only offer my apologies if you're affected by this, Please don't uninstall until ... לקריאה נוספת

מרץ 25, 2023
High amount of sign ups!

Products are out of stock due to a high amount of sign ups, we prefer to control the quality of support we can offer rather than push for maximum amount of sales per day! 


Apologies for any inconvenience - Please check back later 

מרץ 18, 2023