All completed!

Stock is purchasable again!

July 4, 2022
Out of stock whilst we make some product changes!

We'll be back in stock asap! This doesn't affect existing clients - Just sign ups!

Appreciate the patience!

July 4, 2022
Updated OVPN files - Along with new naming format to help users!

Not a big announcement, Just after some feedback last week we opted for a new naming convention for the ovpn files. instead of City.ovpn it's now Country-City.ovpn and will help people explore options easier! They have all been updated as of 10 mins ago and we'll probably create a page for the client area where you can browse them easier in the ... Läs mer

June 3, 2022
TekLan VPN - May discounts for your friends and family and some service updates for next week!

We've brought the code `TEKLANBUDDY` back to life! With this your friends and family can get a discount of 10% off of any VPN plan! We're not a fan of continuous discount programs so our low pricing is usually the price point at which you can buy it without shopping around the hassle of seeking out the best deal! It also saves us a lot of time to ... Läs mer

May 1, 2022
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