High amount of sign ups!

Products are out of stock due to a high amount of sign ups, we prefer to control the quality of support we can offer rather than push for maximum amount of sales per day! 


Apologies for any inconvenience - Please check back later 

Maart 18, 2023
New owned hardware location news

Eta of a few days - possibly either Saturday or Monday we'll be bringing it online! 

We hope to replace 2 other locations with owned hardware this month alone! 

Februari 2, 2023
All TekLan VPN server maintainence is complete!

All works are completed, Quicker than planned! Couple of notes: All ovpn files *should* be updated - Any issues just pop a ticket in and we'll take a look! Flag issues on the chrome/edge browser extensions are resolved Naming conventions altered slightly If you experience any issues on the apps with a server struggling to connect - A ... Lees verder

Januari 5, 2023
Lots of server maintainence this week between 9am-6pm

Just so people are aware - There will be some slight interruption to all servers this week! All downtime will be kept to a minimum and not expected to last more than 15 mins per server! 

This is purely to improve performance, Security and to accommodate some future improvements! We thank you in advance for your patience!

Januari 3, 2023
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