Crypto currencies accepted at TekLan/MrChrissy services

We often get asked which crypto coins we accept - As a general rule, it's the list below! By selecting the crypto option at payment however you can see the most up to do date version of the  list of coins accepted here :)      Bitcoin -  BTC   Bitcoin (Lightning Network) -  BTC.LN   Bitcoin Cash -  BCH   Litecoin ... Read More

October 26, 2021
Some maintenance this evening!

Each server will be down for approx 30 seconds, this will be in batches of 5 as we update and re-setup each server! 

October 24, 2021
No live chat support Saturday

Due to staffing constraints today, we'll only be offering ticket support- Live Chat and other methods will resume Sunday as per usual!  We have some support staff working, but are doing tickets only to help ease the burden! We get a lot of sales questions on weekends which inevitably slow response times down!  This will help us deal with ... Read More

October 23, 2021
New location - Canterbury

We've added some servers in this location as their final test! If they receive good feedback we'll make them a permanent fixture. It's a nice location, In kent and we've been happy with our internal testing! If you don't see it, force close and re-open and it'll pull an updated list!If you have some feedback - pop a ticket in and we'll have a ... Read More

September 23, 2021
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