Aware of an issue affecting browser extensions!

  • 21st August 2021

Assume an update to the browser is causing issues! We're investigating and will fix ASAP! 


Appreciate your patience!

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Issue from last weekend, Marked as closed!

  • 19th August 2021
It's been a few days without issue so we're happy to close that! If you're affected with the "Invalid" error code, A simple re-installation will sort it! We do apologise for the interruption - It was somewhat unexpected! We've implemented some failsafes to stop it occuring again! If you have a device doing it still, it'll just be cached content! ...
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Apps and where to find them!

  • 15th August 2021
We often get asked where to get our apps - So here's a quick run down!For Google - search "TekLan VPN" to find us in the Playstore! For Amazon - Search "TekLan VPN" to find us in the amazon appstore!    Windows, Look in your client area for the apps linkiOS - Follow the guide in knowledgebase Mac OS -  - Follow the guide in ...
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Monday - We plan to make some changes

  • 13th August 2021
After our little wobble yesterday - We had a little think about things! Although only 8 reports were received about that issue, that's 8 too many for us! We have decided to move our timeline of improvements up! These were planned as an eventual way to improve things anyway but we feel prevention is better than cure and I think most would agree our ...
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