Tell a Buddy, Save them some money!

The Promocode TEKLANBUDDY is active again, for those of you who have friends wanting to give us a whirl - 10% off with that code!  It was wildly popular last time, So we'll put a 1 week limit on to avoid flooding the service with new users at once!

We have a lot of new servers to add shortly after a few jobs are completed!

März 16, 2022
We do read the news!

We appreciate the concern shown due to ongoing conflict around the world- whilst we're happy to have a discussion regarding it the amount of tickets opened this morning became a full time job within itself to answer them all! :)  It's lovely to see concern and passion for others from our users - I'd like to make one thing clear, since our ... weiterlesen

Februar 24, 2022
Lot's of new servers added!

Please force close and re-open the app to get an updated list! 

Februar 24, 2022
We want location feedback- Plus a few bits of info!

We want to add more locations to  TekLan VPN! I know, crazy! To preface this request for help from our users we refuse to do virtual locations as many do to pretend they have servers in countries without any sembalence of a datacentre in sight! If you ask for North Korea because another service has it we shall politely decline that request! So ... weiterlesen

Februar 20, 2022
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