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So, you've decided you need a private VPN server! Good choice, Now obviously you lose some degree of privacy with a private server due to the lack of traffic mixing - but they're encrypted and beautiful!

So, firstly - you need to think location-  Where do you want your new beast to reside? Picking the best location for the job is paramount to getting an optimal setup! 

Then, you need to think security - Do you just want to protect your favourite cat memes from leaking to the world? Or is it more a case of stopping cosmic beings from finding out what your amazon order was? Whatever the case - simply pick a level from the order form! 

You'll also need to pick a protocol! Wireguard or Openvpn are currently supported - If you have any questions let us know!

Once you order, we will fulfill your order within 24 hours! This could be less of course but it's when we have time! Rest assured, we don't purposefully delay them :) A ticket will automatically open, you may request a custom port in there if you so desire! We will eventually add more customisation options when automated but for now we're limiting to these to be able to serve everyone and will decline any further customisations at this point! 

We will of course send you your details to the ticket and provide on going management of the server in terms of updates/kernel and hardware issues! What we can't do for free is change the server setup/protocols on demand! We have added a paid extra (£2.50) for any changes and we will reconfigure the server from scratch! With the Private server plans, we set a soft target of 99.9% uptime! This allows us to push patches and reboot servers when required! In the future we hope to offer a scheduling feature so users can see planned maintenance windows!

We're currently creating knowledgebase guides for each device with the help of our customers! If you need support, pop a ticket in with device and advice needed :)

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