In this guide we will show you how to setup a OpenVPN compatible router with your TekLan VPN service. - We assume you have some knowledge of your router - There are far too many to write individual setup guides for, If you get stuck ask and we shall help!

1) Find your router vpn settings page 

2) Open the welcome email that contains your "3rd party app and router" username/password

3) Head over to your Client area at TekLan VPN and click on Services > Click the OVPN files menu item and you will see certificates available to you!

4) Download the Cert. Files you need and add them to your router as needed by the interface - Either link or text

5) Enter the VPN USERNAME & VPN PASSWORD credentials (from your email) enter login details in the username/password field on the routers setup page and connect! 


The connection should establish and you're free to browse :)