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In this guide we will show you how to setup the OpenVPN Connect app with your TekLanVPN service.

1) Download and install the OpenVPN Connect app here

2) Run the installer for the OpenVPN Connect app.

3) Head over to your Client area at TekLanVPN and click on Services > My Services > Your Service. Take a note of the VPN USERNAME & VPN PASSWORD.

4) Download the Cert. Files you need  - You may need to email it to yourself depending upon the iOS version

5) Open the downloaded ovpn file and it should open up in the OPENVPN CONNECT app, if it doesn't open the OPENVPN CONNECT app and on the import profile section select FILE.

6) Browse to the ovpn file you downloaded and it will create a profile inside OPENVPN Connect. Change the profile name to something descriptive such as SINGAPORE or LONDON. Select the "Save Password" option.

7) Enter the VPN USERNAME & VPN PASSWORD credentials which are visible on the service details login details in the username/password field on the OPENVPN CONNECT app.

The connection should establish and you're free to browse :)

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