Where are the TekLan VPN servers?

We started out as a small service, For a select few that we thought we could help. Whilst that hs changed due to growing beyond our initial expectations, Our values haven't! We still avoid "Virtual Locations" we view them as a way VPN companies use to pay less and pretend to be larger than they are! Our servers are where we say they are.
Hardware, We use a mixture of rented and owned hardware! As we expand we've realised we can get more for our money purchasing hardware and colocating it in the regions we like! So far we've only got owned hardware in the UK and US but we're slowly starting to expand that - We'll be looking at other regions soon!
The rest of our servers are great hardware and configured just how we like it to maximise performance!

Want to request a location?

Simply get in touch! Click here and let us know what location you'd like to see! When we're purchasing or reviewing our options we use the list of user requests to decide where next to expand our reach! We pride ourselves on being the VPN service that listens to our users!

Server Map

Turkey, Istanbul
Japan, Tokyo
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Kedrovyy
Israel, Jerusalem
UAE, Dubai
Singapore, Singapore

South Africa, Johannesburg

England, Maidenhead
England, Manchester
England, London
England, Canterbury
England, Kettering
England, Gosport
Scotland, Glasgow
Spain, Madrid
Spain, Barcelona
Italy, Milan
Finland, Helsinki
France, Paris
Austria, Vienna
Latvia, Riga
Bulgaria, Sofia
Greece, Athens
Netherlands, Soest
Stockholm, Sweden
Germany, Nuremburg
Germany, Falkenstein
Germany, Dusseldorf
Prague, Czech Republic
Poland, Warsaw
Hungary, Budapest
Ukraine, Kiev
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Texas, Dallas
Nevada, Las Vegas
Georgia, Atlanta
California, Los Angeles
New York, New York Metro
Florida, Jacksonville
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York City
Ashburn, Virginia
Canada, Toronto
Canada, Vancouver
Canada, Ottawa

Brazil, Sao Paulo
Mexico, Mexico City

Australia, Melbourne
Austrailia, Perth
Austrailia, Brisbane
Australia, Sydney

Geo Smart
Netherlands, P2P
Luxembourg, P2P
Ukraine, P2P
Las Vegas, P2P